February 16, 2009

Book Talk: Apocalyptic Reading

Posted in Book Talk tagged , , , at 11:32 pm by The Word Jar

Against my better judgment, I’ve added a new book to my “currently reading” pile. Adding the book isn’t such a big deal; I often read several books at once. It’s the book that I added.

While browsing the library this weekend, I came across Night Work by Thomas Glavinic. When the cover compares it to I Am Legend and offers a suspenseful post-apocalyptic world, I’m in. I’m in for a book that will make me wonder what happened to the world and what’s going to happen to the main character(s). I’m in for possible nightmares. I’m in for nights of checking and rechecking door locks before I go to bed.

Why do I read books like this? Because I can’t help myself. Sure, they up my paranoia level, but they also get me thinking. How would I react in those situations? Am I prepared? Does it matter?

So far in my reading we are following one main character, Jonas, who apparently is the last man left on Earth. Even in the first fifty pages we’ve seen how this isolation is changing his behavior and his mental state. The subtle paranoia is already seeping its way into the pages…and into my psyche.

I’m off to read another chapter or two before bed. And recheck those locks.


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