March 26, 2009

Book Talk—Mom Lit

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After the decidedly heavy Night Work, I’ve switched reading directions. I’ve started reading Everyone is Beautiful by Katherine Center. I would classify this book as “mom lit,” a sub-genre of chick lit that deals with the lives and livelihoods of mothers. At this point in my life, mom lit speaks to me much more directly that chick lit in general.

For me, the main difference between general chick lit and mom lit is that a general chick lit story usually only impacts the main character—whether it’s her search for the perfect man or a perfect pair of shoes. By definition, the story of a mom lit book will also affect the children. There may even be a husband or boyfriend thrown in. That makes it a bit more weighty, and more appealing to me, than general chick lit, where the main problems seem to be buying too many things that you either can or can’t afford or trying to find Mr. Right. I’m not a big shopper, and I’m not in the market for Mr. Right.

I’m really enjoying Everyone is Beautifulso far (and from the talk I’ve seen on other book blogs, a lot of people like this one). The reading is fairly light and quick, and I should be able to post a review soon.


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