March 27, 2009

David Sedaris Talks Author Tours

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In the March 30 New Yorker, David Sedaris muses over author tours and book signings. (You can read the abstract here, though it’s not nearly as funny; registration is required for the full essay.) He describes his latest book tour and his dismay over it beginning and ending in Costco stores.

Even though I’m an avid reader, I’ve only been to one book signing. Perhaps even more tragic, that signing was for Patricia Heaton’s book. I’ve never been a reader who’s felt that I must meet the authors of books I love. In my crazy mind, I think meeting the author might take away a little of the magic.  The authors would no longer be the mythical beings who created the works of art I love so much; they would be mere mortals, subject to schedules, hand cramps, and bad days just like the rest of us.

Sedaris’s essay may have changed my views on book signings. Maybe I’ll try to attend some this summer. There is a wonderful independent bookstore in town, and they always get the hot authors to stop by. Or maybe I just want to go to a David Sedaris book signing. He interacts (and seems to enjoy interacting) with his readers.

I guess I’d have to read a David Sedaris book first. He’s been on my “To Read” list for several years now, but I’ve never gotten around to him. Judging by the number of times his essay made me laugh, I think it’s time to move his name up the list.

What was your favorite book signing? Have you, as either author or reader, had any memorable experiences at a book signing?



  1. i’ve only been to one book signing–megan mccafferty–and it was great. she did a reading and was very personable.

    as for sedaris–what are you waiting for!?! his stuff is hilarious. get reading. 🙂

    • thewordjar said,

      I’ve dispatched the husband to fetch me some Sedaris! I will be reading by evening.

      I was unfamiliar with Megan McCafferty’s work, so I checked her out. Those look like some fun books! And I like the idea that I could catch up with the series and the final book would already be available…no waiting! Yet another entry on the “To Read” list! Thanks! 🙂

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