April 15, 2009

Word of the Week: Scobberlotcher

Posted in Word Fun tagged , , at 11:23 am by The Word Jar

How fun is that word? Go ahead. Say it. Scobberlotcher. It makes me feel like a pirate. “Walk the plank, ya scobberlotcher!”

According to Scobberlotch, the blog of author Karen Harrington, scobberlotch means “to loaf around, doing nothing in particular.” So, if we want to use it as a noun like I did above, we can say that a scobberlotcher is one who loafs around, doing nothing in particular (quite the leap, right?). In addition to expanding your pirate-sounding vocabulary, this word can also help you communicate with a lazy significant other: “Mop the floor, ya scobberlotcher!”

If you have a few moments to scobberlotch today (or even if you don’t), I’d suggest checking out Scobberlotch. She always has fun posts about books, her writing and publishing experiences, and her family. She also hosts some great giveaways!

Happy scobberlotching!



  1. jabberinwookie said,

    thank you for this. it combines my love of rare and silly-sounding words with my favorite (in)activity. off to use it…

  2. Anne Wayman said,

    Scobberlotching is one of my most favorite activities – really!

    Here’s one for you that I made up along with one other person. It hasn’t caught on, but maybe it needs it’s own blog.


  3. Anne Wayman said,


    Insegredious – when something is confusing and will stay so like bureaucracy or certain kinds of computer manuals.

  4. Jeepers, now I know what I’ve been (not)doing most of my life. Trouble is, now I’m a post-scobberlotcher. Got an agent! She said “blog”. So, I’m surfing blogs, getting ready to post my own by end of March. In the meantime, this X-scobberlotcher hopes to avoid being insegredious. Thanks for today’s smile.

    • The Word Jar said,

      Thanks for stopping by, although it’s a bit embarrassing to have a reader catch me in my own scobberlotching! Note to self: must start posting more often than every few months.

      Congratulations on getting an agent! I’ll be checking in on your site to see how things are going. Best of luck with the blog and the book! I’d love to hear all about it!

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