April 20, 2009

The Return of Dan Brown

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It’s going to be a big year for Dan Brown. First, the movie version of Angels and Demons will be released on May 15, and according to PW.com, Dan Brown’s newest book, his first since The Da Vinci Code, will be released by Random House in September. The book will be titled The Lost Symbol and will again feature protagonist Robert Langdon. The Lost Symbol is sure to please Brown’s fans, and it will most likely bump up book sales in this down economy.

I’m very excited about The Lost Symbol. I held off for some time before reading The Da Vinci Code just because of the hype, but I was swept away once I sat and read it. Is it the most historically accurate book around? Nope. Is it the best written book around? Nope, again. But it was fun and well-paced, and it had no trouble keeping my interest. After I finished The Da Vinci Code, I promptly read all of Brown’s other books. So, put me in the “eagerly awaiting” column for The Lost Symbol. I know that even if it’s not the greatest book ever, it is certain to be a fun read.

Are you looking forward to The Lost Symbol? Did you pass on The Da Vinci Code? What did you think of Brown’s other books?


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