April 23, 2009

For the Love (or Hate) of Typeface

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HelveticaIt amazes me how much fervor can be built up over something as seemingly innocuous as a typeface. I do admit to a love affair with typeface in general. I love the different designs and how messages can be conveyed, both subtly and blatantly, with a good choice of typeface. I also love when I finish a book that had a particularly unique typeface, and the publisher includes the history of the typeface at the end of the book.

But apparently, not everyone feels the love. Some people have made it their mission in life to eradicate a certain typeface. Perhaps you’ve seen this typeface on a flyer your child brought home from school. Maybe you’ve even seen it around your office. It’s Comic Sans.

The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article about Ban Comic Sans, a website that is the go-to resource for those wishing to join the fight against this most vile typeface (their sentiments, not mine). This site offers picture upon heinous picture of various instances where some poor schlub of a graphic designer chose to use Comic Sans instead of a more upstanding typeface. Visitors are even offered three free downloadable comic fonts that are more suitable to everyday use than Comic Sans.

I personally feel no ill will toward Comic Sans. It’s certainly not my first choice of font, but I wouldn’t criticize anyone for using it. I would much rather take part in a typeface love fest, and for that, I suggest viewing Helvetica.

Helvetica is a documentary that celebrates the design and usage of the Helvetica typeface. This typeface is used in so many different places, you will be surprised at all the examples they show. Again, I have no feelings of love or hate for Helvetica itself, but the documentary as a whole does a great job in explaining how typefaces are designed and how/why designers choose certain typefaces for projects.

What about you? Are you a Comic Sans hater? Do you have a favorite typeface?



  1. Even at the very beginning of this post, before you brought it up, I thought to myself, “Oh, Comic Sans is awful and used way too much.” I’m in the camp of banning it. BTW – love the font you’re using here.

    • thewordjar said,

      I agree that Comic Sans is a tad overused. And I’ve learned that even if an invitation is printed in Comic Sans (because the host thought it was “fun”) that isn’t a guarantee that the event will be fun!

      And thanks! I like my font, too! I have no idea what it is, but it’s one of the reasons why I chose this theme.

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