July 27, 2010

A Few Words With…Irene Zutell

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Irene Zutell is quickly becoming the star of this blog. It all started when I featured oeuvre, a word I found in her latest book, Pieces of Happily Ever After, as a Word of the Week. She was nice enough to leave a comment, so I of course hounded her to answer a few questions. She kindly obliged. Now that I’ve finally posted my review of Pieces of Happily Ever After, it’s time to share her responses to my hard-hitting questions.
Without further ado, here is the inaugural installment of “A Few Words With…”
The Word Jar: What’s your favorite word?
Irene Zutell: I can’t really figure out what my favorite word is. I like so many. I really like the word, blue. I love the color and all its shades (except for cop car blue or that plastic blue on so many toys), but I also like how this one word can conjure emotion, sight and sound.
I like the word serendipity because it’s fun to say and it’s playful.
I’ve recently enjoyed using the word behoove on my husband, because it’s so obnoxious. It sounds like something a prissy school teacher would say to a troublemaking student. I do it just to bug him, of course.
TWJ: One of the books I’m currently reading is Righting the Mother Tongue by David Wolman. This book focuses on the wacky history of English spelling. Are you a good speller, or do you rely on spell-check?
IZ: As far as spelling, I think I’m actually pretty good–probably because I went to school before everyone wrote papers on computers and relied on spellcheck.
TWJ: What’s your current writing project?
IZ: I’m thinking of taking on some ghostwriting assignments (when you write a book for a famous or semi-famous person and then they tell the world that they wrote it!) Also, here’s the latest link to my Huffington Post blog–it’s a poem about getting older and shopping. I’d like to publish a collection of funny poems.
Be sure to check out Irene’s other pieces on The Huffington Post, as well as her other books, They’re Not Your Friends and I’ll Never Have Sex With You Again! Tales From The Delivery Room. More information about Irene can be found on her website.

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