August 25, 2011

The Old Navy Typo T-Shirt (Now Available for Your Back-to-School Wardrobe)

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Nothing says, “I’m a collegiate success!” quite like a huge typo across your chest. If Old Navy has their way, college sports fans across the country will be sporting their new Typo T-shirts as they cheer for their favorite teams this fall.

Image from

In case the typo eludes you, as it did the Old Navy proofreader, “Lets” should be “Let’s.” And don’t even get me started on “Dawgs.”

I know it seems frivolous to harp on missing apostrophes on T-shirts when there are clearly bigger issues in the world, but searching out and destroying typos is why I get paid the big bucks. And I have to imagine that someone at Old Navy also gets paid the big bucks to prevent just this sort of thing from happening before the items hit the store. Perhaps there isn’t an individual dedicated solely to proofreading clothing, but surely this T-shirt passed in front of dozens of pairs of eyes before being given the final approval. No one caught this? Even more discouraging is that these T-shirts represent many different institutes of higher learning, not to mention some heavy hitters. Is this a good way for colleges and universities to represent *their* product, a rather pricey education?

I know no one was harmed in the making or wearing of these T-shirts, so I’ll go easy. But if Old Navy would like to prevent such an atrocity (at least in my proofreading eyes) on future products, I’m officially offering up my editorial services.



  1. lol. this one isn’t quite as bad as the one i’ve been hearing about on twitter. apparently is reads: i’m too pretty to do homework.

    how scary is that? ick.

  2. The Word Jar said,

    Thanks for stopping by, Natalie! I, too, have been reading about that infamous shirt. And you missed the worst part…after it says, “I’m too pretty to do homework,” it continues, “So my brother has to do it for me!” What?? I’d really like to know who thought that was a good idea. Maybe I’ll start making “I’m too smart to buy stupid t-shirts” t-shirts!

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